Let your customers into the club

There is an inner desire in all of us to feel like we’re part of something. We all want to be in the inner circle. We want that VIP status. We want to be recognized. 

Your customers do, too. So, if you can feed into this desire, you’ll turn customers into fans. They’ll become loyal to your brand, rather than nameless entities doing a one-off transaction.

Airlines and hotels know the importance of loyalty. It’s why they always push their frequent traveller programs, with tiered membership levels. They want you to work your way up and feel more special as you do it.

Other companies foster community around their brand. Harley Davidson riders have clubs all over the country. Crossfit speaks to customers with shared values and a shared purpose. This creates very powerful loyalty to their brand.

Ask yourself – what can you do to build community around your company? How can you make your customers feel like they’re part of something special? How can you make them feel recognized?

If you have good answers to those questions, you’re likely on your way to building a very successful business.

Let your customers into the club.

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